Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas Present

He's here!
Landon Wayne Yarbrough

Dec 2nd 2010
6 lbs 15 oz
19 3/4 in long

The planned c-section was uneventful (thank goodness)! Landon came out screeming and wouldn't stop. The doctor told us he was glad he was going home with us. :) We love our sweet little Christmas blessing!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Trot

Jeff wanted to run the Turkey Trot here in Greeley, but because I wouldn't run with him, we hyped up the race to Olivia and even found her the cutest Nike Shox (she calls them her Skechers). She started the race off great and was so excited to see the geese at the park. Once they left the park it started to get boring and she lost interest. Not to mention the fact that it was only about 10 degrees outside! She started getting cold and refused to run.

People thought she was pretty cute and tried to cheer her into the finish but she just gave them dirty looks... Maybe we will try a Fourth of July race this summer when it is warm!
Pre-race anticipation
At the finish line
Almost 39 weeks pregnant! (3 more days!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I thought it would be a good idea to post these before Thanksgiving gets here!

We had an eventful October filled with baby showers, pumpkin patches, and trick-or-treating. Thanks to everyone who made it a great month!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Day(s) to Remember

Jeff and I have been LUCKY parents... I've mentioned before that Olivia won't get out of her bed until we come and get her.

Today is a day to remember... She actually scared me half to death this morning. Jeff was taking a shower and I was still in and out of sleep when I hear a little voice saying "hi mom". I look over to see Liv's head pop up over the side of my bed. I loved hearing that voice, and I am actually glad she is coming out of her room on her own! (she didn't come out today after nap though.)

More exciting news, Olivia has now been PACIFIER FREE for a whole week. We have been wanting to get rid of that thing for a whole year, but Jeff and I weren't ready to get rid of it yet. It was WAY too convenient!

One morning we told her it was time to give the "pacers" to the babies. Olivia and Jeff wrote out an envelope to the babies and we put the pacifiers in our mailbox. Liv then was able to go to Toys "R" Us to get a toy. She chose Phineas and Ferb action figures, and hasn't asked for her pacer for three days straight!

Our last day to remember is August 31, 2010, when Olivia found her first invisible friend, the bunny. There was a stuffed animal bunny on the cover of a magazine. She pretended to pick it up and has been carrying it around with her everywhere she goes. I even almost laid down on it the other night.
Here she is with her bunny. She thinks it is "sooooo cute!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Years Old

Happy birthday to our little girl!
We love you so much!

This is how we celebrated the week of your third birthday:

-had a blast a Fort Fun with Reid and his mommy and daddy. You rode the race cars (go-carts), played mini golf and played some arcade games.

-went out on the lake with awesome friends who know how much you love to ride their boat! (I promise you did have fun even though you didn't seem like it in this picture! )

-Spent the day with Meme and Papa and had dinner at Red Robin
-had your friends over for rainbow cake and ice cream

-you had your first bike riding experience!

We are so blessed to have you in our home, and hope you will always know how much we love you and your fun personality!
Happy Birthday Boss!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Sorry about the picture overload! I just wanted to share some of the fun things we have been doing!

The weather was perfect, and the animals awesome!

Check out this that lady really posing for our picture?

I have never seen a peacock with it's feathers out. It was fun to see~

Meme, Papa and Uncle David came up to Greeley to see the Rodeo.

Enlarge this photo and check out that dudes extra curricular activities :) (don't forget to look at sweet Olivia and cool David)


We went to a fun Splash Park in Loveland with some friends. Olivia has started shutting her eyes when we ask her to smile. We think she gets it from Jeff. (See above picture of Jeff with Uncle David :) )

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Olivia is finally showing interest in her baby dolls. It's a really good thing, because baby number 2 is on the way! Olivia is going to be a BIG SISTER!
Due: December 8, 2010
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Half Birthday: June 8
Birthstone: Turquoise
Birth Flower: Holly
This time next year, our baby will be 25 weeks old!
New baby will start kindergarten in 2016, be old enough to drive a car in 2026, and finish high school in 2029 (scary)!
94 days down, 186 to go!!!!!

We are a very excited family!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pushing my car!

This is for you Nik!
I thought I would share this funny picture of Liv!

Her obsession with cars and trains continues! I think I have seen her push a baby in the stroller um..... maybe once! :) If you look closely the green thing taking a ride is not a baby, it's a toy car. And of course we can't leave behind her swim duck. We try to hide the dang thing but she always seems to find it! At least she likes to wear her mommy's shoes. That's girly right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I LOVE bedtime!

When Olivia was younger she never once tried to climb out of her crib or really climb on anything. even though she did so well in her crib, October of 2009 we decided it was time to try a big girl bed. After many tears shed... by me, we did it. She slept perfectly in her big girl bed!! it is now 7 months later and our little girl still doesn't know she can get out of bed in the morning without us coming to get her! It's great!!!! I know... now that I'm bragging about it, she is going to get out about 10 times at bedtime and bug us at 6:00 am, but we are just enjoying it while it lasts!

First night in her big girl bed!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Sunday after church this was our conversation:

Jeff: So... last chance, do you want to drive to Cortez?
Mirissa: Uhhh...... I don't know?
Jeff: Last chance.
Mirissa: Okay.

So I asked Jeff to check the weather. He told me it looked good, so we packed our things and headed on the road. Not telling anyone that we were going.
We made it to Wolf Creek and it was blowing snow, so we had to stop at the Rainbow Inn to stay the night. It wasn't a 5 star hotel by any means, but Olivia had the absolute best time. It was the first time we EVER let her sleep in our bed. She was in heaven!

Olivia jumping on the bed at the Inn

She had such a great time with her cousin Josh!

Some of my recent crafts:

This cake was for the Relief Society birthday party. Thanks to my sister-in-law Lexie, it had a really good Raspberry/white chocolate chip filling! I was really worried about making it!

My moms birthday present: Acorns always remind my mom of her father who has passed away. I saw a tutorial online for an acorn wreath and decided to try it. I was explaining it to my parents, and my dad, who had just recently seen some acorns on the ground at a local store went to collect some acrons (so sweet I know!) I hope my mom thinks of grandpa Williams whenever she looks at the wreath.
An apron I made for my neice. (with a pattern) This was my first real sewing project and I had a great time making it!
My church is giving a beginning quilting class and I can't wait to post the finished quilt!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Olivia is growing up way too fast for us and just in the last couple of days I have been able to hold REAL conversations with her! She can be VERY dramatic, but so fun at the same time! Tonight she let me paint her nails and toenails (which was very difficult as she was bouncing around to the music Jeff was playing).
Also tonight, I was lying on the floor, and she noticed my butt... okay, she calls buttons butts, and so she noticed my belly button peaking out of my shirt. She then tried with all her might to pull my shirt down to cover my butt. Even though we have never had a modestly talk with her, she knows that both our "butts" should always be covered up! :) I hope to always be a good example to her.

Just a few fun things about Olivia:

* She calls spaghetti scobetti
* She still loves trains and cars and now trucks
* She will tilt her head to the side and say sorry mommy
* She just started calling me Mirsa instead of mommy
* She loves to be a helper
* She runs into nursery every Sunday
* She loves playing with "the kids" which is any type of playgroup (or a random little girl at the Chick-fil-a play place.) Did someone say Chick-fil-a? mmmm I love that place!
* She loves all the teenagers on the track team

We LOVE this girl!

She is always lining up her trains.

Can you believe how long her hair is?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay.... So when I am out in public and I find a person or group of people doing something interesting, I stare. I don't notice that I am doing it, until Jeff taps me on the shoulder and yells at me to stop staring! (I know, I know, Jeff never really yells, but you get the point.) He gets really embarrassed of his wife's chronic staring problem, so I had to blog about HIS adventures at UNC yesterday.

Because our printer is out of ink, Jeff has to frequent the computer lab to print off assignments. While at the lab yesterday he overheard a conversation in another language and couldn't distinguish whether they were fighting in their foreign tongue, or just having a loud conversation. Sitting in the cubicle, Jeff found a small hole to spy on the couple without being seen. Thinking he was alone, and paying no attention to his computer, he leaned in closer to get a better look. Not only was he staring, he had to lean away from his computer across the table to do it! Little did he know he was not alone, and he felt a tap on his shoulder as the girl next to him asks: "Is that interesting?"
Jeff was so embarrassed that he had been caught, he responded with a quick yes and went about his business on the computer.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The face says it all!

We took a trip to the Denver Aquarium before Jeff started this new semester. Olivia was afraid at first but we had a great time!

Awesome Tiger!