Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Day(s) to Remember

Jeff and I have been LUCKY parents... I've mentioned before that Olivia won't get out of her bed until we come and get her.

Today is a day to remember... She actually scared me half to death this morning. Jeff was taking a shower and I was still in and out of sleep when I hear a little voice saying "hi mom". I look over to see Liv's head pop up over the side of my bed. I loved hearing that voice, and I am actually glad she is coming out of her room on her own! (she didn't come out today after nap though.)

More exciting news, Olivia has now been PACIFIER FREE for a whole week. We have been wanting to get rid of that thing for a whole year, but Jeff and I weren't ready to get rid of it yet. It was WAY too convenient!

One morning we told her it was time to give the "pacers" to the babies. Olivia and Jeff wrote out an envelope to the babies and we put the pacifiers in our mailbox. Liv then was able to go to Toys "R" Us to get a toy. She chose Phineas and Ferb action figures, and hasn't asked for her pacer for three days straight!

Our last day to remember is August 31, 2010, when Olivia found her first invisible friend, the bunny. There was a stuffed animal bunny on the cover of a magazine. She pretended to pick it up and has been carrying it around with her everywhere she goes. I even almost laid down on it the other night.
Here she is with her bunny. She thinks it is "sooooo cute!"