Thursday, June 2, 2011

Half way mark!... and bugs

We made it! Our little boy is 6 months old and we can't believe it! He is such a little busy body and has to be doing something constantly!


- When holding a toy, he twists his little wrists (they are actually big wrists)

- He loves food. I give him vegetables first and after those are finished I give him fruit. It's so funny to watch that first bite of fruit. He puckers up his lips and really enjoys every bite.

- He loves to laugh and smile. He thinks Olivia is especially funny.

- When he gets excited he slaps his hands down on the ground or on his legs as hard as he can and almost knocks himself over

We love Landon and have been so blessed with an easy-going sweet boy.

Olivia is growing up WAY too fast! She is such a love bug but has also been into bugs. She likes to go exploring in the backyard to find rollie polies and worms. She was stung by a bee the other day. It was very traumatic, but she doesn't seem to be too bothered by them now.

Olivia's favorites:
- She knows what to do to when Landon is crying before I do. She often gives him her blanket or a toy if he is crying.

- She is constantly calling us on her "phone" to come play at her "house".

- She loves to sing with me and asks to sing songs over and over and over again.

- She gets so excited to see bugs!