Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day(s)

Olivia has started Preschool AND dance and I can't believe she is old enough for either one!

She loves going to Preschool and has adjusted so well to her classroom, teachers, and friends. I signed up to clean the classroom on Wednesdays which isn't at all a bad job. Only because I get to eat lunch with her before I have to clean :)

Today was her first day of dance. I'm very sorry about the blurry pictures, she was dancing around so much I couldn't get a good one. She LOVED it! She even showed me some moves they did on the bar and across the floor. I love my little Ballerina!


- He has taken his first steps (September 1st)

- He waved goodnight to his daddy (September 7th)

- He loves music and starts to move his head

(Stevie Wonder style) whenever he hears it!

- He makes sure we're watching when he does something cute. He looks over and smiles at us to make sure we are paying attention to him.

- He knows his mommy and daddy love him by all the kisses and hugs they give him...

- He LOVES his sister!