Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay.... So when I am out in public and I find a person or group of people doing something interesting, I stare. I don't notice that I am doing it, until Jeff taps me on the shoulder and yells at me to stop staring! (I know, I know, Jeff never really yells, but you get the point.) He gets really embarrassed of his wife's chronic staring problem, so I had to blog about HIS adventures at UNC yesterday.

Because our printer is out of ink, Jeff has to frequent the computer lab to print off assignments. While at the lab yesterday he overheard a conversation in another language and couldn't distinguish whether they were fighting in their foreign tongue, or just having a loud conversation. Sitting in the cubicle, Jeff found a small hole to spy on the couple without being seen. Thinking he was alone, and paying no attention to his computer, he leaned in closer to get a better look. Not only was he staring, he had to lean away from his computer across the table to do it! Little did he know he was not alone, and he felt a tap on his shoulder as the girl next to him asks: "Is that interesting?"
Jeff was so embarrassed that he had been caught, he responded with a quick yes and went about his business on the computer.