Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Sorry about the picture overload! I just wanted to share some of the fun things we have been doing!

The weather was perfect, and the animals awesome!

Check out this that lady really posing for our picture?

I have never seen a peacock with it's feathers out. It was fun to see~

Meme, Papa and Uncle David came up to Greeley to see the Rodeo.

Enlarge this photo and check out that dudes extra curricular activities :) (don't forget to look at sweet Olivia and cool David)


We went to a fun Splash Park in Loveland with some friends. Olivia has started shutting her eyes when we ask her to smile. We think she gets it from Jeff. (See above picture of Jeff with Uncle David :) )


Papworth's said...

She's so cute!! She's almost 3! I can't believe it. How are you feeling?

raedene said...

Too cute, Mirissa! Sounds like you guys are having a fun summer! Can't wait to see you in August!

Natalie said...

Too cute! We saw Jeff at the zoo and said hi, we also saw you guys on the train but we couldn't catch your attention. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Sarah said...

How fun! We love the zoo. :) Also wanted to let you know that my new blog address is The others have been deleted. Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!

Logan and Ashley said...

Okay LOVED your post. I laughed the whole way through with all the random people who were in your pictures. Too funny!
Oh and Olivia is too cute!

The Lepetich Family said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! She looks so cute and looks like you guys are all having fun! So excited to see you guys soon!