Friday, March 5, 2010


Olivia is growing up way too fast for us and just in the last couple of days I have been able to hold REAL conversations with her! She can be VERY dramatic, but so fun at the same time! Tonight she let me paint her nails and toenails (which was very difficult as she was bouncing around to the music Jeff was playing).
Also tonight, I was lying on the floor, and she noticed my butt... okay, she calls buttons butts, and so she noticed my belly button peaking out of my shirt. She then tried with all her might to pull my shirt down to cover my butt. Even though we have never had a modestly talk with her, she knows that both our "butts" should always be covered up! :) I hope to always be a good example to her.

Just a few fun things about Olivia:

* She calls spaghetti scobetti
* She still loves trains and cars and now trucks
* She will tilt her head to the side and say sorry mommy
* She just started calling me Mirsa instead of mommy
* She loves to be a helper
* She runs into nursery every Sunday
* She loves playing with "the kids" which is any type of playgroup (or a random little girl at the Chick-fil-a play place.) Did someone say Chick-fil-a? mmmm I love that place!
* She loves all the teenagers on the track team

We LOVE this girl!

She is always lining up her trains.

Can you believe how long her hair is?


Sarah said...

How adorable!!! I love that she is totally into trains and trucks! Hope you are all doing well! :)

Vern said...

This makes me miss my kids being little! Drew used to line up all his cars in a straight line too, and Samantha would do it with her ponies. Instead we are now facing sending a kid to high school next year!! Ugh.

Brittany said...

Your little girl is adorable! It's fun to catch up on what you're doing.

- Brittany Johnson (Marinos)

Mandi said...

She is so sinking cute. and I think she would fit in just perfect with my girls. When are we gonna make that happen??? I have a pass to the childrens guys could come!

Alli Howe said...

Recently a portion of my back was showing and Phin stopped what he was doing and tugged my shirt down over the "exposed" part. So funny. Olivia is a doll. If you ever come to Fort Morgan, Phin can show her lots of real trains.