Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Sunday after church this was our conversation:

Jeff: So... last chance, do you want to drive to Cortez?
Mirissa: Uhhh...... I don't know?
Jeff: Last chance.
Mirissa: Okay.

So I asked Jeff to check the weather. He told me it looked good, so we packed our things and headed on the road. Not telling anyone that we were going.
We made it to Wolf Creek and it was blowing snow, so we had to stop at the Rainbow Inn to stay the night. It wasn't a 5 star hotel by any means, but Olivia had the absolute best time. It was the first time we EVER let her sleep in our bed. She was in heaven!

Olivia jumping on the bed at the Inn

She had such a great time with her cousin Josh!

Some of my recent crafts:

This cake was for the Relief Society birthday party. Thanks to my sister-in-law Lexie, it had a really good Raspberry/white chocolate chip filling! I was really worried about making it!

My moms birthday present: Acorns always remind my mom of her father who has passed away. I saw a tutorial online for an acorn wreath and decided to try it. I was explaining it to my parents, and my dad, who had just recently seen some acorns on the ground at a local store went to collect some acrons (so sweet I know!) I hope my mom thinks of grandpa Williams whenever she looks at the wreath.
An apron I made for my neice. (with a pattern) This was my first real sewing project and I had a great time making it!
My church is giving a beginning quilting class and I can't wait to post the finished quilt!