Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love 99.9 The Point!

So... Jeff was working very hard Tuesday at his work study job blowing up the basketballs for UNC P.E. classes when the voice on the radio told him to be the 9th caller and win tickets. Not really knowing what the tickets were for Jeff dutifully dialed the given number.

Jeff recalls the following conversation:

Lady: "Hello, who's this?"
Jeff: "Uhh, this is Jeff"
Lady: "Congratulations, you just won tickets for Colbie Caillat!"
Jeff: "Seriously?" (Jeff told me he responded with "seriously?" but I think he probably screamed like a girl!)

I love Colbie and didn't believe him all day! The concert was last night (Saturday) and I have to say I love her even more. She did an awesome job live and it was a really fun show (besides the fact we were surrounded by teenagers acting like...well teenagers)!

She had two openers, Trevor Hall and Howie Day. I really like the song COLLIDE by Howie Day, but I was more impressed with Trevor Hall. Jeff even liked him so again, you know it's good if Jeff likes him! Trevor has a Bob Marley feel but a really unique voice. Here is his website if you would like to hear him: LISTEN

After the show Trevor and his drummer were signing autographs. I nervously made my way through all the teenage girls, said a dumb comment, got an autograph, took a picture, then walked away while letting out a giant sigh of amazement!

It was a great date with my favorite guy! Yeah for 99.9 The Point!

Trevor Hall (am I allowed to post these?)

Howie Day

We were REALLY close!

Olivia was really trying to get my attention in the car. When I finally looked back, this is what I saw! She is so goofy!


kim said...

Bet you guys had so much fun. I can't believe Jeff won the tickets. He probably did scream like a girl:) So glad you were able to go. We have one of Howie Days cd's if you want to check it out sometime. I need to check out the other guy's music!

Jenn Shideler said...

It's always fun to be a teenager again...even if just for a moment.

Olivia is so dang cute! And, are you a teacher? I thought you said something about one of your students....

Logan and Ashley said...

I am so jealous! I bet it was totally awesome!

raedene said...

She's one of my very favorites! How fun for you guys...
I hope you're coming down soon... Olivia's going to taller than me by the time we see you again! :) Love you guys!

Papworth's said...

So fun! Also so lucky! I never win anything, good for Jeff. I love her! You were way close too! Silly Olivia, I love when Will does stuff like that. They can always make you smile and laugh, even when you shouldn't laugh at them!