Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Birthday EVER!!

For my birthday Jeff surprised me with tickets to Cirque du soleil!!!!!

Jeff really wanted to bring Olivia, but I wasn't certain it was the best environment for young children. We had seats right in the middle of a long row, so I wasn't too happy when the show started and my sweet Olivia was afraid of the dark and wouldn't stop crying. Jeff took her out and I thought they had missed the whole first half, but they had found three empty rows at the top and turns out we could even see better from up there! I'm glad Jeff won the disagreement because she loved it and sat quietly most of the show and even clapped for the trapeze artists! Jeff now knows why I talked this show up so much, and he was so impressed, especially with the live music! It was such a great day!! Thanks Jeffery Wayne!

This isn't the best picture, but if you look closely you can see the damage to Olivia's eye from the Oreo crumb. To bribe her to be quiet at Cirque du soleil, we took some Oreo's. She didn't need them at the show, so I decided to give them to her on the car ride home. She kept whining, which isn't unusually for my sweet Olivia, so I just ignored her for a while. When I finally looked back, she had Oreo all over her face and it was hurting her eye. The next day her eye was swollen shut and we had to get her some antibiotics!!

Olivia's love for trains continues! She likes to line them up and then lie down on her tummy and look at their faces! (I just missed her lying down sorry~!)
Poor Chumba, he is so good with her!


Jenn Shideler said...

I had no idea you were a blogger! I'm so excited. I love blogging. When I read your comment on my blog I had to do a double take. I have a friend who has a dog named Chumbo. I started reading thinking it was you, then I got to your dogs name and got all confused. It was weird. And stupid...why am I telling you this. lol.
Anyway, I'm excited to have your blog!

Stevenson's said...

AH, I've been wanting to see that? So you reccommend it? Your family is just adorable! Your beautiful :) I can't believe Olivia's eye and the oreo! Did she get it in her eye? then it got infected or something? How crazy!

raedene said...

I didn't know you went the circus! How fun!!! You guys are so cute! Olivia is getting so big! When are you coming down??? We miss you guys!