Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Fun

It has been an eventful fall for us~
1.Our very first visit to a pumpkin patch~ Despite a two year old tantrum at the end, it was really fun! Olivia found the owner's kitty and really wanted to pet it. I didn't let her, but the cat seemed really nice!

2. Carving the pumpkins~ We stripped Olivia down and let her color her pumpkin. After another tantrum we had some great jack-o-lanterns!

3.Trip to the mountains~ We were able to visit Nikki and Mike in the mountains. I am almost glad Jeff got in an accident (thank goodness he is safe) because we were able to spend more time in the high country and had a chance to stay in the Fischer's new, beautiful home. What a view (the mountains, not the car) :)!

Jeff's car doesn't actually look that bad in the picture, but there was enough damage for the insurance company to total it. Jeff said the bank of the mountain saved the car from rolling. Luckily Olivia and I were in the car ahead of him! Goodbye Xterra :(

4. Church Halloween Party~ I love dressing up as a family!

I wish the weather would cooperate with our costumes! Maybe I just need to actually go to Hawaii someday! :)
5. Trick or treating in downtown Greeley~ The Richardson's always have the coolest ideas for fun and invited us to go with them to the stores and trick or treat! This was just enough for us that we didn't even bother dressing up on Halloween and stayed in the house nice and warm!

These pictures actually taken after Halloween~ :)
Sorry to add to this extra long post, but I really wanted to write some of our favorite things about Olivia before I forget!
~She has become so lovey. She will give us random hugs all the time! If she accidentally or not so accidentally hits me or Jeff with a toy, or if we say ouch at all, she will kiss whatever hurts no matter what she is doing!
~She still loves trains and cars!
~She has started reading to us. It is mostly gibberish, but she really knows the story lines and throws in key words of the story! (As a teacher, I love to see this! ) :)
~ She loves to dance! Especially to Miley Cyrus' new Party in the USA song! The bad part, is she makes us dance with her and wants to spin!
~ She has started cleaning up her toys. One day I heard her singing "queen, queen, queen" I finally realized that she was cleaning up her playing cards and singing as she did it! (she doesn't get that from me!)
~She has started taking off her clothes and diaper and sits on the potty all by herself! I guess it's time to start potty training! I don't think I am ready for it yet! :)
~ We love our little hula girl! She brings so much love and joy into our home!
~ I really have to start to pay attention because she is starting to repeat everything we say. Great.

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