Friday, May 8, 2009

It just gets better!

About a year into our marriage I kept bugging Jeff about having a baby. We were so not ready, but I thought I had us convinced... until Jeff told me we should get a dog to test out our parenting skills (Hello!! Story of Marley and Me all over again!) I agreed and we went to the dog shelter in Denver to find our newest best friend. We found the most beautiful Golden and as we went back to ask to play with him, he was walking out with his proud new owner. After that, I knew I wanted a "dark" Golden Retriever. My sister in law Stephanie told us about an add in the Denver Post. I kept asking the man if the puppies had darker fur and he thought I was crazy. We didn't hesitate to drive down the next day and pick up Chumba (which means Luck in Tagalog). I apologize again for all those people who have been welcomed by Chumba at our door. I don't know what we would do without our crazy dog! I mean, Jeff and I both bawled after watching Marley and Me. Chumba truly is a part of our family.

Chumba LOVES to snuggle!

Now... I don't think Jeff was expecting me to tell him I was pregnant two months after getting our "training" dog!!!!

Skipping over pregnancy and delivery..... (I don't want to think about it)!

We brought Olivia Joy Yarbrough into this world. I was a huge cranky pants because she was in the NICU, so I apologize for anyone I might have offended. It was really hard for me to see my daughter (who was healthy) have to stay in there for so long. I love my family so much and feel blessed to have them all... including Chumba.

And... a couple of recent photos. Sorry this is taking me so long!!!


Stephanie said...

AWWWW. I remember when you first got Chumba. I was so jealous! You should have put the picture of baby Chumba sleeping on a sleeping pregnant Mirissa on my couch. I know you love that one! I sure miss you guys. I need friends and I hate not having someone to hang out with, so here's the plan.... you guys should come to Lake Powell for the summer. I know, I think it's a great idea too. We could have that Lake Powell vacation that we planned so many summers ago. Olivia is getting so big, it's hard to imagine that she was ever as tiny as those pictures. She is so cute!

Logan and Ashley said...

I love Chumba as a baby pup! So cute!!
Where did Liv get those cute boots?

raedene said...

Olivia is so stinkin' cute, you know that? (And Chumba too!) :)

martytardy said...

Funny story Marissa and Jeff. :-)