Sunday, June 3, 2012

School is Out!

Olivia's Dance Studio had the chance to do a little show at the nursing home where her Great Grandma Mary Lou lives (her twins name was Ella Sue, isn't that cute :).
 Olivia and her dance teacher, Miss Candie on her last day of dance class. (Suzanne's School of Dance) 
 Olivia with her AWESOME preschool teacher, Mrs. Heidi. We will miss her next year :( 
Olivia's class.
Olivia and her friend Anika listening to their teacher.
On our way to the recital. Tap danced to "Put on a Happy Face" in her rainbow costume.
 Our beautiful ballerina! Danced to "Love Me Tender".

 Flowers from mommy, daddy and Landon
Landon's 1st day of nursery, June 3, 2012.
 We are ready for summer!


Kristen said...

Oh so cute! Mel went to nursery yesterday too. I was looking through the peep whole for way too long. I was being a little creepy I think.

Chelsea's Attic said...

Holy cow your kids are getting so big! I miss you all, especially miss Olivia, I wish we would have had her over a couple of times, I bet she and Chloe would have been good friends. :-) Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer! And hooray for nursery! Makes tackling the kids for three hours bearable when two of those hours someone else is tackling them.