Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter 2011

We loved celebrating Easter this year. I feel so blessed to have shared it with such a healthy and happy family! I was explaining to Olivia that although the Easter bunny is fun, Christ's resurrection is the real reason why we celebrate Easter. I'm so glad she can start to understand what is really important! I love my family to pieces and I'm such a lucky girl to have them!

Side note: Olivia started calling The Book of Morman "The Book of Morning" :) I guess we need to work on that! :)

Side, side note: Landon tasted his first rice cereal yesterday! He is such a champ!


Stevenson's said...

Ahhh Miris, they are so cute. Glad everything is great for you!Miss ya

Papworth's said...

Oh my goodness they're so precious and adorable!! Love that Book of Morning too! I'm glad you're all healthy and well! Yes, please let us know when you ever come our way again, it'd be so fun to get together!! I see your daddy often and I always think of you when I see him!